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Sunrise Gurkha Sports Club

We take memebers from all ages and skill levels.
To find out more give us a call or write to email us at sgsc.surrey@gmail.com

Why join us?

  • Build your self confidence
  • We’re competitive and award­winning
  • We’re active in your community

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    Active Life Project

    Tae-kwon-do Board Breaking

    8th Upgrading

    Latest News

    SGSC Active Life Year-2 2015/2016

    *Best Friendship Award presented to Mr LB Gurung(President of Sayapatri Nepali Cultural Group UK)

    *Best Supporting Award presented to Master Ista Gurung (Director of Way Taekwondo)

    Congratulation to our Newly Married Couple Mr Sushil Ghale & Mrs Monica Gurung(Ghale)

    May God's blessings be showered on you and may you get all the luck, love and joy of life in the days ahead.



    For Winning Merrow Badminton Club, Frank Crossman Trophy -Man single, 2015 winner Mr Deokaji Gurung (Member of SGSC and Former Chairman of GNC